Sustainable construction

A good building is half the work. A cleverly designed building greatly contributes to energy saving and is easy to adjust to changing work conditions. This can for instance prevent construction waste.

Sustainable buildings have a positive effect on important environmental themes such as:

  • Use of materials in the building and demolition phases
  • Waste production in the building and demolition phases
  • Energy consumption in the use phase

Sustainability throughout the various phases

Sustainability in the building phase requires an additional investment, of time and sometimes also money. This investment can however be recouped through lower energy costs, longer useful life of the building, lower maintenance costs, better performance of the employees working in the building and less construction waste during renovation or demolition. To achieve this goal, a number of important choices must be made in the specifications phase before building begins.

Environmental construction advice

For building projects costing more than 5 million euro, the university has decided to always request the advice of the environmental adviser of the HSE Department and the central energy coordinator. Their written advice is included in the specifications of the building project.

Construction of FWN Science Campus with BREEAM certificate

The FWN Science Campus currently being built on the grounds of the BioScience Park has a ‘very good’ BREEAM certificate (a quality label for sustainable construction). For more information, see  or contact Amber Hensema, environmental adviser, Ext. 3094


Last Modified: 03-04-2017