Leiden University opts for green energy

Since 2010 Leiden University has been running entirely on green energy. All our electricity is generated by hydropower. As a result, the university is making a significant contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

The university’s green energy is supplied by Electrabel, the same supplier who supplied the university with ‘regular’ energy prior to 2010. Green energy is slightly more expensive.

Relation to environmental policy

In its 2009 environmental policy document, the university set a number of conditions to the electricity it uses: no negative effects on global economy, no negative impact on the environment, and the electricity must be CO2-free and budget friendly.

Long-term agreements on improving energy efficiency

Within VSNU, all universities have committed to a long-term agreement to improve energy efficiency, known as the MJA3. This covenant was initiated by the Dutch government as a way to reduce CO2 emissions. CO2 is the most important cause of the greenhouse effect.

For more information, please contact Amber Hensema, environmental adviser, Ext. 3094

Last Modified: 03-04-2017