Computer glasses

It is a good idea for employees who spend more than two hours a day doing computer work and who are more than 40 years of age to give extra care to his eyesight.

When do I need computer glasses?

There comes a time when reading glasses are needed to be able to read well. Regular reading glasses are meant for reading and writing at normal distances. Your computer monitor is further away from you, and the angle at which you read off the screen is horizontal. Therefore, while working at the computer it may be necessary to switch from reading glasses to computer glasses, which are better adapted to those conditions.

Do computer glasses qualify for reimbursement?

Under certain conditions, university employees can receive a pair of computer glasses from their employer. The conditions and circumstances are listed on the HR-website about the reimbursement of the cost of computer glasses.

When it is necessary to visit an occupational physician, you are requested to take a completed work space form with you to the physician’s visiting hours.

Last Modified: 06-03-2016