Are you mentally fit?

‘Do you feel good?’ is a question you might have been asked before, but you rarely hear the question ‘Are you mentally fit?’ Just what is mental fitness?

Mental fitness is the fitness of the mind. If you think about fitness, the first thing that comes to mind is your body. Are you in good condition, do you have a healthy weight, do you have a healthy diet? People who don’t feel like they’re in good condition often look to their bodies to find the cause. They start exercising more, go to bed earlier, eat more healthily and stop smoking, but they often forget to take care of their ‘mind’, even though that is just as important. When in addition to feeling good physically you are also mentally fit, you function better, have a more positive outlook on life, experience fewer problems with stress and have an easier time coping with problems.

How can I ‘train’ to be mentally fit?

Naturally, mental fitness is linked to physical fitness. But you can also train yourself to get or stay mentally fit. Just as with training for physical fitness, improving your mental fitness requires practice and discipline. If you want to achieve good physical performance, that requires time, effort and perseverance. The same is true for improving your mental fitness. There are a number of questions you can ask yourself to determine whether you are mentally fit: Do I live with a mission? Do I set goals? Do I tackle problems? If you have doubts about how to answer these questions or if you didn’t answer ‘yes’, then it’s certainly worth seeing if you can improve your mental fitness.

Tests and courses

If you want to train for mental fitness and determine whether you’re in good mental condition, there are various courses that can help you. Many of these courses may be completed online, which has a number of advantages. You can set your own hours as best suits you, and there are no waiting lists. But there are also courses that consist of group meetings. Many of these mental fitness courses are (partially) reimbursable through Zorg en Zekerheid’s supplemental insurances packages.

More information

More information about mental fitness, tests, courses and reimbursements can be found on the Zorg en Zekerheid website (only available in Dutch), or by contacting Zorg en Zekerheid directly via phone (071-5825828) or email.

Last Modified: 10-06-2015