Help! The alarm goes off!

What to do when the alarm goes off? Where is the assembly point? You find the information about the evacuation procedures of all the faculties and organisational units on the evacuation website.

If you hear a 'slow whoop' signal you need to leave the room as quickly but as safely as possible via the nearest (emergency) exit.

Follow the escape route symbols. These consist of white pictograms on a green background and are illuminated.

Inform the evacuation staff and/or emergency staff if there are still people inside the building. Gather at the assembly point.

Elevators are out of service in case of fire. Always take the stairs.

Always follow the instructions of the Emergency Response Team (recognisable by the bright coloured vests). These are always overruling, even if they are contradicting the standard procedures as described above.

Last Modified: 30-01-2015