Health, safety and environment service organisation at the university

The care for good working conditions and the protection of the environment is organised on different levels within the university.

On the central level: the HSE Department (Veiligheid, Gezondheid en Milieu, VGM)

The central level is operated by the HSE Department (Afdeling Veiligheid, Gezondheid en Milieu, VGM) of Leiden University and the LUMC. The activities of the HSE Department are described on an annual basis in the Health, Safety and Environment Annual Report.

On the faculty level

At the faculty and unit level, the university appoints prevention officers . They are the first point of contact for any questions regarding working conditions and environment. Many faculties and units make use of the prevention officers of the University Services Department (UFB). Information regarding the working conditions and environment at the Faculty of Science can be found on the site of the Science Faculty HSE Service.

With respect to protection from radiation, the faculties in which employees sometimes work with radioactive substances or x-ray equipment have appointed radiation experts.

The in-house emergency service (BHV) is organised within the faculties by the BHV coordinators. New members are always welcome to join the BHV team. You can apply by contacting the BHV coordinator.

The faculties also have appointed Biological Safety Officers (BVF) to monitor work with genetically modified organisms.

Last Modified: 10-06-2015