In-house emergency service (Bedrijfshulpverlening, BHV)

Leiden University has an extensively organised in-house emergency service (Bedrijfshulpverlening, BHV).

What is the in-house emergency service?

Work activities may bring certain risks in their wake. The in-house emergency service (BHV) is intended to prevent and limit injury and damage to employees and guests. For this reason, every university building has its own BHV team. In case of a calamity, the team can be quickly mobilised to provide immediate help.

Tasks of an in-house emergency officer

The most important tasks of the BHV are as follows:

  •  Providing first-aid in case of accidents;

  •  Limiting and fighting an incipient fire;

  •  Alerting and evacuating all employees and other persons present in the building in case of an emergency;

  •  Collaborating with other emergency assistance organisations, such as the fire and ambulance departments.

The BHV acts as an outpost for the fire department and other emergency assistance organisations. The BHV officers are responsible for handling the situation in case of a fire or accident until such time that the professional emergency assistance organisations take over these tasks.

BHV coordinator

The in-house emergency service of the faculties and central services falls under the responsibility of BHV coordinators. You can contact them for further information about the BHV team. You can also register to join the team.

Academiegebouw / De Oude UB / Gravensteen
M. van 't Hart

Campus Den Haag
Mw. D.J. van Wissen

H. Ellert

Faculteit Geesteswetenschappen
A.A.J. van den Kerkhof

Faculteit Rechtsgeleerdheid
J. Sjoerdsma

Faculteit Sociale Wetenschappen
Mw. J. van den Heuvel

Faculteit Wiskunde en Natuurwetenschappen
R.E.H. Roemelé
(90) 5760

D.S.F. Kroon

Studentencentrum Plexus
R. Mikkenie

Universiteits Bibliotheek
Dhr. Johan (J.) van Triest

Universitair Sportcentrum
V. Rodriguez

How to become a BHV officer

We are always in need of motivated BHV officers. If you are interested in joining the BHV team or if you require further information, please contact the BHV coordinator of your building.

BHV Courses

These courses are exclusively reserved for Leiden University employees. BHV courses are centrally organised by the programme coordinator of the HSE Department (Simone van Beek, ext. 8015) . All programmes are offered during regular working hours by

You can register for these courses via the BHV coordinator of your faculty or unit. He or she is responsible for the required test applications and for sending the names of the candidates to the programme coordinator. The course dates are determined by If you fail to attend one of the course days without providing a valid reason and without cancelling, the costs of the course will be charged to your name.

In order to maintain your BHV diploma / certificate you have to participate in the internal fire and evacuation exercise six times a year.


Leiden University has recorded the duties and powers of the BHV in the In-house Emergency Service Regulations. These regulations were updated in 2008. The information in the regulations may be freely published once permission has been obtained and under condition of source attribution.

In case of a severe calamity, the Regulations for the Coordination of Crisis Management comes into force.


The HSE Department developed a checklist to check whether the evacuation of a building (or section) was successful. This checklist makes it possible to track down any imperfections in the evacuation procedure. The checklist can be used by prevention officers and members of the BHV team.

Last Modified: 17-02-2015