Unsafe situations, accidents and (needlestick) injuries

If you are in need of urgent help, call the internal emergency number. Make sure you also report the incident to your prevention officer (HSE coordinator of your faculty or unit) via the notification form.

Serious accidents

Occupational accidents which lead to serious or (possibly) permanent injury have to be reported as soon as possible via the internal emergency number indicated on every telephone set.
The accident must then be reported to the secretariat of the Safety, Health and Environment (HSE) Department. Telephone (071) 527 8015.

Needlestick injuries

In case of a needlestick injury, please contact the occupational doctor immediately. Telephone (071) 527 8015.

Notification form

You can report dangerous situations, accidents, (needlestick) injuries, aggression, violence and sexual intimidation via the electronic notifcation form.

After sending the notification form you will receive a confirmation of receipt from the HSE Department of Leiden University / LUMC, which is located in the Poortgebouw-Zuid.

The prevention officer (HSE coordinator) can, if necessary, contact you for a further investigation. In consultation with you, he or she will use an analysis form (form is in Dutch) to describe how the incident occurred and how it can be prevented in future.

The analysis form is now also available online.

Accident at work and excess health insurance

An accident at work can cause injury. This injury can vary in terms of how serious it is, and therefore in the extent to which medical treatment is required. The organisation that provides the medical treatment will send the bill to the health insurer, which will then pass on the unpaid ‘excess’ to the injured person. For instance, if you need to go to the A&E Department of a hospital, the costs of the treatment can be more than the statutory excess.

Under the leniency scheme, the University will pay the costs up to the excess amount in the form of a loan to the injured person, provided that the accident concerned was reported to HSE/USD using the electronic notification form. If the employer is later found not to be liable for the accident, the employee will be required to repay this amount and the loan will be deducted from his/her salary payment. However, if the employer is found to be liable for the accident, the loan will be included in the total costs to be compensated in consequence of the accident.

Why write a report?

Near-accidents, dangerous situations and needlestick injuries are more common than (serious) accidents. These incidents are very useful in uncovering the underlying causes of accidents. In this way, we can prevent near-accidents and/or dangerous situations from leading to actual accidents.

The form is a simple tool to quickly report anomalous situations in the organisation. The procedures are described in the regulations on accidents and environmental incidentes 2003.

Last Modified: 09-05-2016