Policy cycle

At the start of 2005 the Executive Board formulated a Health, Safety and Environment Plan for 2004-2007

The Health, Safety and Environment Plan lists action points which apply to a number of faculties and/or units. Such action points can be handled more effectively on a central level. The plan is updated approximately every two years. This update is accompanied by a Management Review by the Executive Board, in the course of which the Board assesses the current state of the health, safety and environment services. The state of affairs within the larger faculties and units is recorded on an annual basis by the HSE Department by means of scorecards. These include information regarding absenteeism, accidents and incidents, as well as the implementation of the decentralised policy cycle. The scorecards are intended for the managers of the faculties and units.

Policy cycle
At Leiden University, the health, safety and environment services are embedded in the central working conditions and environment policy cycle. A similar policy cycle is also used at the decentralised level. The framework conditions for this decentralised cycle are described in the Framework Health, Safety and Environment Services of the university. In 2006, the HSE Department launched an audit of the decentralised policy cycle. The results of this audit were reported to the Executive Board. The central policy cycles are based on the Deming Cycle (Plan Do Check Act).

Health, Safety and Environment Plan
The Health, Safety and Environment Plan is updated every two years on the basis of the risk assessments and evaluations (RA&Es) and other investigations. The actions listed in this plan are intended to lead to a reduction in risks to human health and the environment. Action points from the RA&Es which apply to a given faculty or unit are resolved in a decentralised manner.

Annual health, safety and environment report
The progress of the actions is recorded every year in the annual report.

Management Review
Simultaneously with the bi-yearly update of the Health, Safety and Environment Plan, the Executive Board also runs a bi-yearly Management Review, which can lead to adjustments in the process.

Last Modified: 04-11-2014