What are working conditions?

Working conditions are the conditions relating to safety, health and well-being under which employees and students perform their work.

The term ‘working conditions’ refers to the physical, social and psychological work climate. So-called ‘health and safety issues’ arising in the course of work activities are recorded by the faculties and units, in consultation with the HSE Department in a Risk Assessment and Evaluation (RA&E). This document focuses especially on particular groups of employees, such as pregnant women, people with disabilities, and young and older employees.

Important health and safety topics
The topics covered in an RA&E include the following:
1. Organisation (including supervision by a manager, information and education).
2. Fire and in-house emergency service.
3. Physical factors (including indoor climate, harmful and bothersome noise).
4. Dangerous substances
5. Physical strain
6. Workplace organisation (including order, tidiness and maintenance)
7. Work equipment (including protection and maintenance)
8. Personal protective equipment
9. Job content and work pressure
10. Psychosocial working conditions (including aggression and violence, bullying)
11. Work and rest periods
12. Particular groups of employees

The working conditions rules applying to employers and employees are listed in the Working Condition Acts and accompanying resolutions. These documents also specify that the RA&E must be assessed by a certified Health & Safety Department such as the HSE Department.

Last Modified: 04-11-2014