Radioactive substances and ionising radiation

Ionising radiation is currently used in a number of locations within Leiden University.

Ionising radiation is used when working with radioactive substance or x-ray equipment. Before being allowed to work with radioactive substances, employees are first required to follow the radiological workers course. To register for this course, please contact the HSE Department of the Faculty of Science.

Leiden University and the LUMC have a (complex) authorisation for the use of radioactive substances and/or equipment that radiates ionising radiation. Within the university, the monitoring of the use of ionising radiation is subsumed under the radiation protection service. The Radiation Protection Unit (SBE) consists of the radiation experts of HSE and AMD. The Executive Board has established a number of regulations regarding the use of ionising radiation. These can be found on the page on the University Regulations regarding Health, Safety and Environment.

Last Modified: 17-02-2015