Radiological workers course

In order to be allowed to work with radioactive substances in a radionuclide laboratory, Leiden University employees, guests, students and internees have to receive adequate training.

To this end, in 1986 the Executive Board formulated regulations with respect to the ‘Training of Radiological Workers’. These regulations specify, among other things, that these employees, also known as Safe Radiological Technology (SRT) employees, must successfully complete a course before they are allowed to proceed with their work.

The Radiation Protection Course 5B is offered by units such as Boerhaave Training (LUMC). The course consists of a theory day and a practical day. The course is given in Leiden and concluded with an examination. Once they pass the examination, participants are awarded a government certificate.

You can register for the course (Radiation Protection Course 5B; in English) by contacting the radiation expert of the AMD (Faculty of Science). For course dates and costs, please see the website of Boerhaave Training (Boerhaave Nascholing, radiation courses).

Last Modified: 06-01-2015